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3 pcs EarPick Flashlight Ear Wax Remover

3 pcs EarPick Flashlight Ear Wax Remover

$ 9.98 

Set Of three (3) EarPick Flashlight Ear Wax Remover Tools
Each Ear Pick Tool has a built in LED flashlight to see into the ear clearly. This could also double as a convenient flashlight.
Each tool comes with 3 end piece attachments. 2 earpick scoop tips and 1 tweezer tip. These allow you to get to bothersome ear wax deep in the ear.
Batteries are included.
Whole Length: approx 5.3"
Made in China
You will receive 3 earpicks in a random selection of colors.
Each piece comes new in the packaging.


Professional and Secret Packaging. There is no sign on the box showing what's inside.

Payment and Shipping:

Express Handling and Fast USPS First Class Mail Free of charge, Ship out order the same day as Paypal payment received. w/ Tracking information.

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