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Deep Throat Semisolid Silicone Inflatable Love Doll (Top Quality )

Deep Throat Semisolid Silicone Inflatable Love Doll (Top Quality )

$ 139.00 

Top quality Inflatable Sex doll w/ functional mouth, vocal sounds, vagina, anal, and vibrating eggs

Unique feature Deep Throat Mouth functional, 2015 Latest doll version, Not available elsewhere.


She has Charming chest and sexy long legs. The flexible legs can be slightly separated to meet you desire for various postures. A lovely vibration devices can be placed inside her private place. The device can also twist, swing gently, bringing endless pleasure. She also voice sexy sound rhythmically.

Skin very soft and smooth, just like real human flesh, give you real feeling.
Waterproof  YES

Antifouling  nothing can stick doll body, easy to clean
Durable: you can use over and over again for a long time, not easy to be damaged
Lifelike:  strictly in accordance with the correct scale molded into
Flexible: interface has a wide range of activities in the region
Safety:  on the human body is absolutely safe, non-toxic, no peculiar smell


Technical Details:

--Real girl dimension: height of about 160cm, measurements(Breast, waist, hip): 88cm 61cm 89cm, 2.5kg;
--Bearing up to 300 pounds;
--Soft silicone gel genital;
--Large soft breasts;
--Vagina and anus, can anal sex;
--real vocal "make a sexy sound";
--Multi-speed adjustable Love egg;


The package includes:

--Full size Inflatable Sex doll

--Accessories: live vocal apparatus, vibration Love egg, gas pump

--USB heating stick

--high quality sexy lingerie sets (2 colors),

--Special ultra thin Durex condoms



Cleaning method:

1, Wash your "toys" after the play.
2, Gently rubbing with a finger while cleaning. Do not use brushes or acid detergent.
3, Wipe with a dry cotton cloth or paper towel after wash.
4, For sanitary purpose, may use diluted alcohol (75%) to sterilize it.
5, Remove batteries if you are not playing it for long time.