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Vagina Nipple Skin Whitening  Crystal Soap

Vagina Nipple Skin Whitening Crystal Soap

$ 24.95 

100% Herbal Vaginal Whitening Crystal Soap


Verification of FDA Compliance





The natural active crystal helps whitening and rejuvenating the vaginal area.It keeps your vagina and groin area clean or sensitive skin and free from unpleasant odors. This potent Natural Active Crystal Soap can also be applied to any other body part if required.

Natural Active Crystal is designed to quickly blocked the formation of melanin and rapid relieve the symptom of Coarse and dark skin of crotch, buttocks and other parts. This product is designed totally based on natural plant resources, non-toxic additive-free, has no side effects.




  • Whitens dark skin in the groin and vaginal area
  • Smooths coarse skin in the groin and vaginal areas
  • Eliminates bad odors.
Seaweed extract, fruit ferment, tea tree oil, Mint, JOJOBA oil, bee honey, Lecithin, lactic acid, nematolyt, bromelin, coconut oil, Glycerin

Use method:

Massages the gel with your hands, and then mops up on the body parts where you wish to have them cleaned.


Verification of FDA Complicance




20g/ box. Professional and Secret Packaging. There is no sign on the box showing what's inside.

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