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Top Quality Beneathable PostPartum Post Pregnancy Waist Shaping Belt

Top Quality Beneathable PostPartum Post Pregnancy Waist Shaping Belt

$ 25.98 

Beneathable Postpartum Recovery Belly Wrap and Waist Slimming Belt

Made from composite Superfibers, Extra Strength, Extra support and Extremely comfortable

It is a binder that compresses your abdomen to help get your body back into its normal shape after childbirth. These help to decrease water retention, reduce swelling in your uterus, and gives support to your back and legs. There is an additional bonus for nursing mothers: it will help with your posture during feedings.

Binding women's abdomens post birth has been used therapeutically all over the world for centuries. Constant pressure against the mid-section has many benefits. It has been known to help flatten the stomach while helping to keep your back straight, which helps to minimizes pain and fatigue right after delivery.

Features and Benefits:

 Adjustable Velcro closures

 Lightweight breathable material for maximum comfort

 Stretches to fit the natural curves of your body

 Offers extra support and comfort after delivery or surgery

 Helps you return to regular activities and wardrobe sooner

 Comfortable against the skin

 Made of either a soft bamboo material or a breathable "Fish-line" style material

 Machine washable

Size Chart

Size Length(inch) width(inch) Suggested Body Waist Size (inch)
M 30                         9                                   < 30
L 33                          9                                   31-34

XL 36                        9                                     35-40

XXL 39                     9                                      1-45