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Tiger Balm | Qing Liang You | Qingliangyou

Tiger Balm | Qing Liang You | Qingliangyou

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Essential balm tiger balm Chinese traditional herb balm Essential Balm

For treatment of influenza, cold, headache, dizziness


Item specifics

Item Type:
Essential Oil
Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Essential Oil Type:
Compound Essential Oil
Brand Name:
3 g
Essential Oil

Product Description


Product Description

The Essential Balm is prepared from precious medicinal herbs and ingredients, and is famous for its fine quality and apparent curative effects. It is well-known and has been exported to many countries and regions.

(Function & Characteristic): It is effective in antihypnotic, refreshment, exorcising of filth disease, deminishing inflammation and swelling, and alleviating pain and itch.

(Indication): It is for treatment of influenza, cold, headache, dizziness, carsick, sea-sick, mosquito bite, insect sting, slight burn. It is good for alleviating pain in acute contusion, or in muscle bloating and pains on waist, back, shoulder and neck for the cause of stenuous exercises. It is an excellent anodyne for rheumatic arthralgia, and is particularly effective to relax and loose the bone and muscle of the athletes before competition and remove fatigue after competition.

(Administration): Apply some of the balm on the affected parts. For headache, it should be applied on the temple and rear neck, it would be more effective if rub the affected parts gently. While at work or on trip, apply some on the temple and around the nostrils, it would make you feel refreshing and be more energetic.

(Caution): Avoid contact with the eyes.



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