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Men's Expander Ring Enlarge clamp system

Men's Expander Ring Enlarge clamp system

$ 29.95 

Cock Expander Ring, Penis Enhancement,penis Enlargers



In order to make the penis coarsens increases, for testicular, penis root, central, the glans penis coronary department etc place through 4 adjustable size of physical therapy ring at the same time, the role in muscle attire action principle, namely the low-frequency current research and cause muscle contraction or relaxation, when the low-frequency current signal blocking, muscle entered flabby condition, blood large input, When the low-frequency current connected, cause nerve response, muscle entered contractive condition, containing metabolic blood is sent out. This kind of action silmultaneous, can promote blood running smooth muscle cells thereby accelerated growth, and full of elasticity toughness, increase muscular contraction force, thus playing a penis rapid increases the effect.

The penis delay increases physical therapy ring, through tightly locking vasectomy and prevent backflow of blood, and the particular role under low frequency modulation pulse current, may to the male PC muscles, the penis sponge body smooth muscle contraction for promoting general training. In the microcomputer control program under low frequency pulse current, weak creature, with four kinds of output waveform and frequency, 10 species non-polar adjustment strength changes. Make the PC muscles, the penis sponge body smooth muscle in every minute cause muscle do 30 ~ 100 times various quick contraction, slow shrinkage, array Luan sex shrinkage and acetylcholine-induced contraction. When the peaks of the pulse current stimulation, smooth muscle diastole, sponge sponge body congestion, blood flow, thereby significantly reducing the process is your penis, the plant nerve control; In pulse current, the troughs of sympathetic nerve excitement cavernous smooth muscle contraction. Through these regular, can control and alternant sex contraction, PC muscles, cavernous smooth muscle can be in short-term inside vitality, through training regulatory nerve center, reduce sexual neurological sensitivity, improve ejaculation threshold, prolong sex life time, so as to eliminate due to various reasons caused the premature ejaculation symptoms.

The product function

Promote the penis rapid increase, Extend congestion, and regulatory neural sensitivity, eliminate premature ejaculation,

Main parameters

Mainframe models: SM - 69

Voltage: DC 3V

The battery model: AAA x 2 (1.5 V)

Pulse output power: MAX phase failure is 100V / 20mA

Pulse frequency: 2-100Hz

Pulse mode: 10 levels intensity, 5 kinds of rhythm


Products only among individuals and couples to use, please note hygiene before and after use. This product is cleaned after use, the circuit part of the Do not contact with water in order to avoid electrical fault. Do not coat contact with the ink and other dirt easily. Collection devices when you're loaded packing box, according to the original location of each collection well placed to prepare for the next transaction.