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Electric Shock Therapy Massaging Egg ABS stimulating massager

Electric Shock Therapy Massaging Egg ABS stimulating massager

$ 39.95 

Electric Shock Fitness Massager Egg for Fat Burning and Body Stimulation
1.Has Variety functions,It's equipped a set of pads.The massager could connect the pads using
for Neck, back, waist,etc.Besides,It also use alone for other body parts ,and holding in the hand has a shock feeling.
2.Low frequency massage machine has six function:massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, beat, scrapping, massage, cupping.
3.Using pulse current, set up six The preset program of exercise,Reduced fat content,consume the extra energy.
1.Unique hand massage,5 kinds of massage mode.
2.Reduced fat content,lose weight,Keep fit and slimming.
3.Promote metabolism and blood circulation, expelling Toxicant and keep a yan
4.Eliminate fatigue, delay aging
5.Strengthen the vitality of cell, enhance immunity.
6.Relieve all kinds of chronic disease: Arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, strain of lumbar muscles, hemiplegia, etc.
7. Stimulate Breast Nipple Vagina Clitoris for sexual pleasures.