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Qi Wireless Power Charger Inductive Mobile Phone Charger

Qi Wireless Power Charger Inductive Mobile Phone Charger

$ 14.99 

 Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone 4G/4S/5/Nokia Lumia 920/820/LG Nexus 4/5/HTC Droid DNA/Samsung Galaxy S III/S4/Samsung Note 2/3



Note: Please make sure the hungry device is put in the magnetic inductive center and not askew when wirelessly charging.

Compatible with: (listed but not limited)

Phones with built-in receiver:  
for Nokia 920
for HTC 8X
Droid DNA
Incredible 4G LTE
for Google (LG) Nexus 4
Nexus 5
for LG DIL
for SHARP SH-13C
Phones needs embedding extra receiver:  
for Samsung S3  / S4 /S5
Note2/ Note3
Phones needing external receiver jacket:  
for iPhone 4



Input: 5V-2A

Output: 5V-1A
Stanby current: below  20mA (Average current)
Reaction temperature: -10 ~ 40 degree 
Working heat up range: below 20 degree
Working ambient humidity: below 80%
Color: white

Package includes:
100 * Qi wireless charging pad (Charging pad only, AC adapter & cable are not included)


It comes without retail package, please contact us to add price ($1 per 1pcs package) if you need it.

How should I go about setting up the charger?
  1. Connect the power supply to the Qi inductive charger using the power cable provided. Ensure that the connectors are firmly secured.
  2. There will be an indicator light from the Qi inductive charger if the set up is successful.
How should do I start charging my Qi enabled devices?
  1. Place your phone on the Qi inductive charger.
  2. If there’s an indication light from the charger, the phone is charging. However, if there isn’t any indicator light, move your device to the center of the charger. This should commence the charging process.
  3. Kindly note that if the distance between the phone and Qi inductive charger is more than 4cm, the phone may not charge.