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Luxury Multi-functional Octopus Chair / Acacia Chair / Sex Chair /Sex Furniture

Luxury Multi-functional Octopus Chair / Acacia Chair / Sex Chair /Sex Furniture

$ 575.00 

Sex chair, also known as fun chair, Acacia chairs, octopus chair, a couple chairs. Our sex furniture series combines ancient and modern sexual characteristics, distinctive personalized designs, fashionable and diverse to meet the needs of different customer levels. Carved beauty of art, the interpretation of sex life! Philharmonic chair maximize its capabilities to enhance taste, has been widely used in the domestic and foreign automobile lover inns, hotels, guesthouses (Honeymoon Suite) rooms, resorts, leisure Hills, sauna club, villas, private homes and other places of entertainment and gradually become urban upstart, newlyweds, couples or couples intercourse favorite. From sophisticated ergonomic design of the Philharmonic chair, allowing you to enjoy the ease of intimacy joy, love new ideas and create Philharmonic chair, designed to allow you to lie close to both nature and want to do so sit completely break down pose obstacles, but also provide sexual disorder, sexual dysfunction and physical mobility problems, make medical gymnastics health behaviors leisure equipment. The new Philharmonic chair with curved three- cushion can be adjusted freely allows you lie down easily, make postures comfortable and love deeper...