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Driver Anti Sleep Alarm Nap Zapper

Driver Anti Sleep Alarm Nap Zapper

$ 1.99 

Anti Fatigue/Sleep Zapper Driver Alarm
This is NOT a cheap Knockoff. This is a Genuine High Sensitive Driver Alarm, Advertised on cable TV channels.


The affectionately named Nap Zapper is an electronic balanced anti-drowsy alarm. This is a high-tech product that works on the principle of electronic balance.

Once the driver feels drowsy and his head leans forward, the alarm will beep to arouse the driver and his passenger(s). The Nap Zapper stimulates the nerve to be excited and eliminate the sleepy feeling thus avoiding traffic accidents.

On many long distance drives, night drives or long motorway journeys, the driver will feel bored and sleepy. We strongly recommend the driver wear the Nap Zapper.
The RAC urges the government to lead a campaign alerting drivers to the danger of fatigue driving and to promote simple steps they can take to avoid the risk. The tragic events of the Selby crash brutally highlight the widespread problem of fatigue driving, which has reached disturbing levels, reflecting the increasing pressure we are under in our daily lives.[ source the RAC, January 2002]


1. Power Source: 1 DC 6V battery (supplied)

2. Colour: silver / grey

3. Weight: 16.5g

4. Alarm Sensibility: Alarm angle is 15?- 20?(adjustable)


1. Wear on the right ear;

2. Turn on the switch to activate the Nap Zapper;

3. Check whether it is working correctly. If it beeps when you are leaning your head forward and makes no sound when you are sitting straightly, without leaning or bending, it is at normal working state;

4. Switch off and store when not in use;

5. Keep it away from high temperature and damp areas.


Please note that the Nap Zapper is not a remedy for driving when feeling fatigued, always take regular breaks from driving and stop driving immediately if you begin to fall asleep. Do not take risks with your life or others! No guarantee is expressed or implied relating to the use or effectiveness of the Nap Zapper.