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About Us - Back to 20s Foldable Bike,Toughage, Octopus Chair, Love Swing, Clean Point Tampon

Our Mission

Back to 20s sells products promoting healthy life style and outdoor activities

Product Categories

Back to 20s is also US based outlet for hundreds of products in the following categories:

Wellness: Vagina tighten gel, Clean tampon, Zhen Gong Fu pills

Quality slimming body suits, Slim n Lift, Animal face backpacks.

Sport and fitness products such as: Folding bicycles, Abtronic X2 ABS massagers.

Heavy Duty Inflatable Furniture: Portable Bathtubs, Folding Bathtubs and Car mattress

Hotel furniture: Octopus Chair, Love swings, Toughage and Tenga branded products

Most featured products, branded by Back to 20s, are also available at Amazon We really appreciate your visiting our online stores and will take care of you with the best post-sale services.

The lowest prices and and no question asked return policy are guaranteed. Our warehouse is located in Poughkeepsie, New York, 12603.