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Beautiful Life Cleaning Point Tampon 6 Pack

Beautiful Life Cleaning Point Tampon 6 Pack

$ 19.99 

Beautiful Life Vaginal Clean Point Tampon 6 pcs Shipped from New York, Delivered within 5 business days.

Latest generation of herb vaginal clean point tampon, preventing bacteria &Cervical erosion, US FDA registered

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shaanxi China (Mainland) Brand Name: Beautiful Life Model Number: Clean point tampon
Type: Clean point tampon Ingredient: Plant essence Appearance: Dark brown sphere
Package: Sealed aluminum foil bag Applied people: Married female Usage: External use
Style: Disposable Standards: CE, GOST



1-100% natural herbal
2-Vaginal comtract
3-External use
4-Clean point tampon

Say goodbye to gynecological problems by herbal vaginal clean point tampon

why do you choose clean point?

  • 100% herbal without side effects compared to western chemical products
  • Dig up the roots of various bacteria straight with our Chinese traditional formula
  • Not only remove the gynecological symptoms but also regulate your hormone

Uterus Clean Point Tampon( Qing Gong Wan )

Typically functions

This functional hybrid product combined with functions of toxin expelling, vagina tightening, anti-inflaming &bacteria killing.

Has obvious toxin expelling and takes incredible affects.

Differ from others, using this product in 3 days you will see various residues expelled from woman's body by naked eye.

High safety

1)-Every single pellet must be strictly radiation sterilized prior to delivery;

2)-100% natural herbal extracts without any chemical additive;

1)For sterilization in the private parts of woman
2)Helpful to repair cell and improve cell regeneration
3)Improves endocrine
4)Restores functions, retards aging process and delays menopause
5)Moisturizes & nourishes vagina

Age groups applicable

Applicable for 18 y.o. and above mature female, and specially applicable for women which are in menstrual period, gestation period, puerperal state, lactation period menopause state and whom generative organs have physiological changed.
1Daily sterilization for women of 18-35 y.o.
2For women age from 35 to 56, relives the symptoms of menopause such as dryness, itching, pain and etc..

3For women aged 56 y.o. & above: Relives symptoms due to organ aging and physical dysfunction for women at and above 56 y.o..


1Internal installed in vagina, do not take it orally.

2Not suitable for virgin

3Not suitable for women who in menstrual period, gestation period and lactation period. It can be used in 4 days after menstrual period.

4Unsuitable for someone with severe anaemia, low plaque or malignant tumor.

5Do not have sexual intercourse while using the product; Otherwise, please take it out prior to sexual intercourse.

6This product can't be re-installed or re-used once being taken out.

7Use this product in 3 hours after sexual intercourse.

8Unsuitable for one allergic to certain herbal plants.

9Someone allergic to rubber may use other glove suitable for replacement.

10Seal store in a cool and dry place and avoid from direct sun light.

11This product is not design for replacement of medicine, please consult to your physician prior to use.


1) Loosen the cotton thread which is wrapping on the product

2) Slowly put the pellet into depth of the vagina with fingers which is wearing sterile glove or finger-stall, have the end of the cotton thread at outside of vagina for the purpose of easy taking out

3) It will be the correct position where your finger(s)completely putted into the vagina and you did not feel the existence of the pellet

4) With the end of cotton thread, take out the pellet in 48 hours, then clean up the vagina, use another pellet in 24 hours interval time.