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11 Sep '15

Does vagina shrinking gel really work?

Posted by Jenny Shaw in back to 20s, methods, vagina tightening gel

The answer is YES for consumers who use Back to 20s vaginal tightening gel. Many customers who purchased the product wrote positive feedback with appreciating comments. Some customers complaint they did not feel difference. However they maybe missed the tips on how to use it. When you first time use the gel, please DO NOT use too much. Just a very small, dip a little using your finger, would be sufficient. Otherwise too much appliance would cause little bit burning due to the peppermint ingredient in the gel. The peppermint essential oil is not major ingredient, but added as de-odor function in the gel. Also the gel helps lube dry vagina. Too much gel would over-lubricate vagina and your husband may not feel tightened effect.