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10 Jul '15

Guide and Tips for Butt Plug Use

What are they used for?

Anal plugs are toys specifically designed to be inserted into the anus and stay in place both during sex play and for pleasure at other times. People use anal plugs for different reasons, some use plugs to prepare their rectum and sphincter muscles ready for anal play, some use them as a dominance and submissive role play, and some find anal stimulation extremely pleasurable and use plugs to enhance orgasms.  The prostate can be stimulated anally and often provides men with a very intense orgasmic experience.

Who uses them?

People of all genders and sexual orientations!

What shapes and materials are available?

Most anal plugs are tapered, smaller at the tip and get wider through to the base, Some are designed with more bulbous heads and are narrow through to the base.  The base is flared so that the anal plug does not get sucked up into the rectum, which can definitely happen.  This is because you only have control over the first two inches of your anal sphincter.

Anal plugs are made of a variety of materials including jelly rubber, silicone, hard plastic, glass, aluminum, come in different sizes and may or may not have vibrating functions.

How long can I wear an anal plug for? Can I wear one all day?

Unfortunately there has not been a lot of clinical research with regard to this particular topic.

Here is what we do know:

 Anal plugs that have bulbous heads with longer narrow shafts tend to stay-put better than tapered plugs with narrower heads and thicker shafts.   The anal toys that Positive Passions carries that fit this design include:   3” Aluminum Mini Jewel and 6" siliconoe plugs.

 It is safe to insert an anal plug and leave it in for a long period of time, however a problem may occur with insufficient amount of lubrication.  Since the anus is not self lubricating a personal lubricant needs to be applied before use as over a period of time that lubricant can dry up.  Removing a dry anal plug can be painful and it is possible to cause tearing of the rectum.  If you want to leave an anal plug in for an extended period of time it is recommended that you remove the plug and replenish the lubricant occasionally throughout the day.   Anal plugs that are made of heavier materials such as glass, aluminum or hard plastic should not be left in for an extended period of time.  Over time these types of plugs could cause permanent stretching of the internal sphincter of the anus which works without your control. This could eventually affect your ability to maintain bowel movements.    If you are interested in leaving an anal plug in for a long period of time, try one that is made of silicone or jelly rubber with a bulbous head and a narrow shaft and of course a flared base.

Tip: If you are going to wear an anal plug all day, carry a small ziplock bag with you so if the plug becomes uncomfortable or you need to remove it for some reason, you have a sanitary place to put it!

Special strap- on harnesses are available and allow you to use an anal plug without having to hold the plug in place.  Like most harnesses, one strap goes between the legs and one around the waist.  They are equipped with a ring that the anal plug fits into and once inserted holds the plug in place.

Lube it up!

With any type of sex play alone or with a partner it is a great idea to use lubricant to enhance sensation;  with anal play it is a must!  The rectum can tear very easily because it is not self lubricating and not as elastic as the vagina, so using lots of lube will not only decrease the risk of rectal tearing but enhance anal play and make it more pleasurable and fun!

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By Jenny Shaw