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07 Jul '15

Learn How to Unfold your foldable bike

Posted by Jenny Shaw

Learn How to Unfold Your Bike


With a little practice, you should be able to fold and unfold your folding Bike quickly and easily. Your bike arrives in the folded position.

First, swing the frame together. Push up the quick release bolt and snaps it into the hole. Tighten the quick release latch by pressing up the lever firmly.This lever should be tightened vertically as pictured to avoid interfering with your legs while pedaling. You can adjust the tension on the quick release levers by loosening or tightening the lever mechanism itself. Do not overtighten.

Swing handlebar post up to vertical. To avoid damaging your folding bike, make sure not to stretch or tangle the cables. Tangled cables may cause braking and shifting issues. Lift the locking lever to the vertical position. Push the locking hook into the locked position to secure the locking lever.

For the first time usage, you need to install the pedal. You may need the tool included in package to tighten up the pedal.

When folding the bike, reverse the above processes.