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24 Jul '17

TOUGHAGE T-PF3216 is being promoted as Top Daily Deals

Posted by Back to 20s Corp

I'm glad to announce that one of our star products, TOUGHAGE T-PF3216, is being displayed as top deal at the website's first page.

Customer can purchase it by the link:


23 May '17

How to redeem Beans credit

Posted by Back to 20s Corp

Redemption option is available on the cart page. Click on "Redeem" button, as circled by red mark.
27 Dec '15

Troubleshooting method for not working Itazura Kitty Cat Coin Bank

Posted by Jenny Shaw
The piggy bank is produced in Asia hence the batter chamber may not fit all US batteries. However the problem can be fixed easily with a sharp knife.
Troubleshooting method:
find the convex plastic strip at the left-top corner of battery chamber. It blocks battery contacting the anode. Chisel off the plastic strip and the problem is fixed. The link shows the exact position of the plastic strip. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/441563938444523809
03 Dec '15

Installation manual of sex chair

Posted by Jenny Shaw
This post shows the 6 easy steps on how to install the octopus sex chair. Also included some tips how to use the furniture.

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